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Marble is a natural product which is available in numerous varieties and shades, and appears noble and precious. But it is also extremely sensitive
to acids (vinegar, citrus, wine and even mineral water) due to a high content
of scale.

Usually marble is laid out without aligned seams. Even precisely laid out you cannot prevent unlevel edges, therefore the covering is damp grinded until level.
After the removal of the grinding sludge, the floor needs to dry for approximately 7 to 10 days. Afterwards there are 2 different treatments possible: the marble floor is treated with a stain proof impregnation, dry polished and keeps its natural, matte shine. Or can be treated with a solidifying product and polished with fine aluminum wool; a glass-like, highly glossed surface results.

Care Instructions
It is sufficient to vacuum the floor or sweep it with a wide mop when necessary. Crystallised floors might require a damp clean every now and then with a gloss preserving product; afterwards the floor needs to be wiped dry.

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